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Creating the Life You Really Want



For more information, contact:

Gary Schouborg, PhD

(925) 932-1982







Bowen, Mal, MS and Gary Schouborg, PhD (1996).

Creating the Life You Really Want

(Originally, Crafting Personal Effectiveness).

Alexandria, VA: Capitol Publications Inc.






To begin the process of determining what it is, personally and professionally, that you really want. To learn to listen to and accept what your unconscious tells you through fantasies, dreams, and desires.


What you really want = what you will find genuinely satisfying.







      Recall a personal experience

      in the past 2 to 5 years

      which gave you a significant sense of satisfaction or accomplishment.


What counts here is what is significant to you, not necessarily to anyone else.


Write at least one paragraph concisely describing that experience. Do this for 10 to 15 specific experiences. They should vary across personal, professional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual lines if possible. They can be things you do rarely or often; it makes no difference so long as they are significant to you.


Use a notebook or journal to record these recollections. What you write will remain private, so please be as detailed and truthful as you can. Remember, this is for you!


Any questions? Please contact:

Gary Schouborg, PhD 925/932-1982



If you decide you want to pursue this process, contact Gary to schedule your personal interview.