(2004) with Michael Booth. "Free-market health insurance, the ignored alternative". San Francisco Chronicle, Friday, January 30, 2004, Open Forum, A27.

Argues against the unquestioned assumption that employers or government should provide health insurance. Argues instead for the ignored alternative, creating a market so individuals can buy their own.


(2003) "Zen Investing."

Explains to investors how the spiritual practice of bare attention can help increase their profits. Such reflection begins an awareness of inner experience that may also deepen their spirituality.


(2003) "Investing as a Spiritual Discipline."

Explains to spiritual seekers how investing can help develop their spirituality. By heightening their need to discriminate between the inner calm of rationality and the stress of overly reacting to their hopes and fears, investing puts them on a road that can deepen their spirituality.


(2002). "Spirituality and Business: Where’s the Beef?" In The 2002 Annual: Volume 1 Training. Editor, Elaine Biech. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer, pp. 261-275.

Argues that much of the current talk about applying spirituality to business is too abstract. Even where the talk addresses the worker's inner experience, it fails to address adequately the other side of the interaction — the bottom line of the business effort itself. Explains how spirituality is related to that bottom line.