Gary Schouborg (1997).

“Promoting Transfer Through a Network of Problem Solvers.”

In Mary Broad (Ed.), Transferring Learning to the Workplace (pp. 203-218).

Alexandria, VA: American Society for Training and Development.



Promoting Transfer Through a

Network of Problem Solvers


Gary Schouborg



Abstract. To support a citywide organization development effort to improve quality ser­vice, the City of San Jose developed a Facilitator Academy to train selected em­ployees as internal consultants in key departments. Major stakeholders in­volved in supporting transfer throughout the organization development initiative were the mayor, city manager, heads of departments, training con­sultants, learners, and co-workers. The intensive transfer support provided by the consultants far exceeded their estimates on which their contract was based; this underlines the fact that stakeholder support for transfer often requires a significant investment of time and other resources.


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