(2017) "The Debate over the Electoral College: Moralizing v. Pragmatism".

The debate over whether to elect POTUSthrough the Electoral College or the one-person-one-vote principle cannot be resolved by moral reasoning about fairness. It must be decided as our Founding Fathers decided it, by pragmatic political compromise.


(2013) "How Human Values Dictate a Minimalist Government: Reducing Extreme Partisanship".

Explains how even secular values are religious. Since public policy inherently promotes some values over others, it cannot avoid favoring one religion over another. Therefore, the only way to honor the First Amendment is to minimize public policy making.


(2007) "Freedom and Information Processing".

Explains how the fact that humans are information processing animals requires freedom of choice, how wise politicians optimize that freedom, and how both Democrats and Republicans fail in such wisdom.


(2006) "Ethnocentric Multiculturalism".

Provides a critique of psychology's uncritical acceptance of multiculturalism and presents a pragmatic alternative.


(2006) "What's Right and Wrong about the Left and Right".

Characterizes the political left and right, identifying their strengths and weaknesses.


(2006) "Liberal v. Conservatives, in a Nutshell".

Several email exchanges discussing the differences between liberals and conservatives.


(2005). "The Separation of State and Atheism".

Atheism is a religion alongside the others because it also is based on faith. In effect, atheist activists are asking the state to establish atheism over other religions. It is impossible for the state to be neutral with regard to religion. The solution is to distinguish between the literal and expressive meanings of religious language.


(2005) "Liberal Fascism and Same-Sex Marriage".

In vetoing the California state legislatureís approval of same-sex marriage, Governor Schwarzenegger is actually taking the more democratic option.


(2003). "A Challenge to American Islam".

American Muslims must clearly explain the relationship of their religious commitment to American democracy. For more on terrorism, see www.n-e-x-u-s.com/terrorism/.


(2003). "A Need for Mindful Diversity." [Abridged version: "Mindful Diversity." Inquiring Mind, 19(2), 49.]

Mindfulness requires that in seeking diversity of viewpoints Inquiring Mind should seek out political as well as ethnic diversity.


(2001). "Big Brotherís Psychological Ecology". American Psychologist, 55 n.5, 458-459.

Identifies three dangers — in the areas of valuation, autonomy, and competence — to the professionalism of psychologists who are ecological activists.


(1999). "The Romantic Ivan Illich."

A critical look at the writings of Ivan Illich.