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Love Letter from the Abyss 


Had all the force of the Big Bang,

All the churn of evolution,

All the sweat of human history,

Brought forth no one

But my grandfather,

It would have been worthwhile.


He was my protector from hail,

My storyteller,

My balladeer.

When he sang "Streets of Laredo"

I felt love dwell within sadness.


I never saw a child

Who did not run to

This delighted audience,

Knowing it was welcome.


Easy to love because he never asked,

So quietly grateful for whatever he got,

He put nothing in the way

Of loving him.


April 15, 1880 —

On the plains of Nebraska

He emerged from the abyss.


January 19, 1954 —

In an L.A. apartment

He returned to the abyss.


A cold, impersonal universe?

Nothing comes from nothing.

My grandfather was a love letter

From the abyss telling me

Iím at home.


Gary Schouborg

September 7, 1996


(2000). Journal of Consciousness Studies 7 (6):68.